Zero Waste: Travel: How to be a Good Tourist

Zero Waste: Travel: How to be a Good Tourist? by Sigrilina -- So let’s assume that you reached your destination as eco-friendly as possible. Now what?

So let’s assume that you reached your destination as eco-friendly as possible. Now what? Don’t go to zoos, you know it by now. Animals live in small cages and are kept in awful conditions. It was heart-breaking to see how animals were kept in Mendoza’s Zoo in Argentina. I went on holidays and let’s be clear, I was an idiot who thought that animals in zoos were good because children need to see them to learn. What a moron!

Here is a list of animal sanctuaries you could visit: see the list on Global Grasshopper.

And by all-means don’t be one of those idiots that take “wildlife selfies”, a selfie with a wild animal. It is stressing for the animals as you are disrupting their life and you are also creating an industry for another set of idiots, who only care about profit and would kidnap animals and dope them so these idiots can take a picture. It makes me quite angry to know that such imbeciles exist. You can read about this on The Guardian.

Wildlife tourism can be a good thing, when properly managed. Yet most of the places to visit wild animals are located in third world countries that lack proper legislation or proper law enforcement. World Animal Protection has a Wildlife Selfie code, you might want to check it here.

Aside from animal welfare, buy craft made locally. It is quite disappointing that most traveling souvenirs are made in oversea factories. I would risk to say that most countries have artisan fairs where you can buy directly from the maker. It doesn’t have to say the name of the city, if you think you are going to forget where you bought it, take a permanent marker and write the name in the back.

Happy Cow allows you to search for vegan and vegetarian restaurants all over the world. Check their website here. Remember to keep on recycling too. All too often we forget or don’t know the regulations of the place we are visiting, unfortunately there is no single AC socket and there is no single way of recycling. But, this is the Internet era, do some research and you’ll find all you need to know.

Above all, be a respectful visitor, don’t assume that people will behave as you would. We live in a diverse world and everyone deserves to be respected, even those who disagree with your belief system.