Zero Waste: Christmas Decor

Zero Waste: Christmas Decor by Sigrilina -- Since the holiday season started, probably a month ago, I wanted to address the issue of Christmas decoration.

Since the holiday season started, probably a month ago, I wanted to address the issue of Christmas decoration. I used to love going to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve and find all the seasonal decorations. I’m not in time to tell you that you can DIY a advent calendar but I can give you some tips on the rest.

Firstly don’t use glitter, nothing! It is a microplastic that ends up in the ocean and it is dangerous for the environment. You can read more about it here, here and surprisingly here.

Secondly and most obviously if you have to buy something, choose second-hand or vintage. You can find a great variety of vintage ornaments at My grandmother used the same decoration year after year, it never got old I mean it hold meaning to us. So I think is really nice to continue using the same items. I can quite confidently say that neither me nor my siblings remember what presents we got for Christmas but we remember the tablecloth, the dishes and even the napkins. Let’s move on because I’m starting to get melancholic.

Thirdly, DIY! You can make the ornaments yourself, if you have children you can do some Gingerbread Christmas cookies ornaments or some salt dough for a non edible option. Origami ornaments are also beautiful and you could add a lot of color. If you are good at it, crocheted or knitted décor is always lovely.

Fourthly, the Christmas tree. The idea of an alternative Christmas tree is something that has been around for a long time. An origami Christmas tree is a great option, on YouTube you can find tons of options and choose one. I think it shouldn’t be too complicated to make one big tree. Though I find potted trees to be ideal, you just have to take care of it for as long as you have it and instead of going to the garbage you return it for it to be replanted.

Fifthly, Presents are a whole different issue. You can try making yourself some presents or buying vintage or second-hand. Gifting experiences is another possibility and a growing business. In the UK, Red Letter days offers a myriad of options, one that I found particularly cool is adopting an animal (see here). They send you a certificate, photos and info about your adopted animal and in that way you help to protect the environment. In Australia the Orangutan Foundation International offers you the chance to foster an Orangutan and you can also buy orangutan soft toys. The awesome thing is that you can be living in the other side of the world and still foster an animal. Hey! You can even sponsor a child in a developing country! (see here). Though I find it disturbing the “find the perfect child for you”, damn it save the children! I wish I could help them all, they are all perfect! I love animals but the situation of children (or people in general) in some places is heartbreaking.

If all if this sound too hippie for you or if you are not ready to make the switch, then buy from sustainable companies and buy good quality products.

Remember to use recycled gift wrap (see on Etsy), this one is so beautiful and luxurious (see here). You can use tags made of plantable paper! Recycled Ideas has some shaped like a Christmas tree, check them here on Etsy

You can reutilize old ribbon or buy some recycled paper gift bows, Take a Bow on Etsy has some lovely option.

I’ve seen that some sellers ship their products on plastic bags but sometimes you can ask them for a more eco-friendly packaging.

As for reducing food waste during the holiday season, the Worldwatch Institute shares some really cool tips, check them out here.

Well it turned out to be way longer than expected! I hope you enjoy reading it and let me know what have you changed or what do you plan to implement this year.