Vegan Empanada Dough

This is my vegan version of the traditional empanada dough. Empanadas are ideal for picnics as they can be eaten using just your hands. Skip to the recipe.

Some flavor can be added to this dough using olive oil instead of sunflower oil or a flavored oil. Our favorites are garlic, thyme or paprika. The flavor you add depends on the filling you choose for the empanadas.

I hope you try this empanadas dough with your favorite filling. Let me know in the comments!

Vegan Empanadas Dough

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serves: 30
prep.: 10 min10′
cook: 30 min30′


  • 6.8 fl oz of vegetable oil (e.g. sunflower oil)
  • 6.8 fl oz of warm water (might need more)
  • 2.2 lb of plain flour
  • 2 teaspoons of pink himalayan salt
Homemade Vegan Empanada Dough


Step 1 In a bowl place the flour and mix with the Himalayan pink salt.
Step 2 Add the oil and mix.
Step 3 Start adding the warm water little by little until you have a dough that is soft and easy to knead.
Step 4 Let it rest during 30 minutes before rolling out.
Step 5 Roll to 1/16 inch thick and cut discs with a round cutter. The diameter of the discs should be around 6 inches, but it really depends on the size you want for your empanadas.
Step 6 You can re-kead the dough to make more discs but you have to let it rest another 30 minutes before rolling it out again.
Step 7 Repeat the process until you have no more dough.

Important Notes:

  • If you don’t have a round cutter you can use a bowl that has approximately 6 inches.
  • You can use flavored oil to add some flavor to the dough.
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