Preserved Red Bell Peppers – Capsicum

This is an easy way to preserve bell peppers. They’ll keep the flavor and when you are done, you’ll have some bell pepper-infused oil. They are ideal to eat over a slice of bread. This time we chose our Buckwheat Sourdough Bread. Skip to the recipe.

Capsicum, red bell peppers or just peppers as they are known in the anglophone world, are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin B6. They can be eaten raw too, they are surprisingly tasty, red peppers are kind of sweet whereas the green peppers have a bitter taste. It clearly has to do with the maturity of the fruit, red peppers were allowed to fully mature while greens were not. And yes, it is not my bad English, peppers are actually fruits! If you have gastroesophageal reflux, pepper might aggravate it. Just be careful and listen to your body. See bell pepper nutrition facts for more information about this.

I love eating bell pepper, either raw or preserved. I first eat them on top of a pizza and that’s how I enjoy them the most! Yet this oil-preserved bell pepper are also great on top of a slice of bread. When you have eaten all of the capsicum slices, you can use the remaining oil to cook. It tastes amazing, I love adding it to pie crust or bread for a savory touch. As a tip, remember not to use olive oil, it’s nothing personal but it hardens when in the fridge (good quality olive oil) and makes it difficult to eat.

How do you eat your pepper/capsicum/bell peppers or however they are call in your country? 🙂

Preserved Red Bell Peppers – Capsicum

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prep.: 1 hour1h
cook: 15 min15′


  • 4 red bell peppers / capsicum
  • Pink Hymalayan salt
  • 1 cup of sunflower oil
Preserved Red Bell Peppers - Capsicum


Step 1 Char the peppers, rotating them with tongs. Be careful not to over do it because they might burnt to a crisp!
Step 2 Let them cool a little bit and remove the skin with your fingers.
Step 3 Wash them and cut around the top of the pepper and remove the stem and seeds.
Step 4 Place in a baking pan, massage salt onto both sides of the bell pepper. Let them rest for at least 30 minutes.
Step 5 Cut them in stripes of the desired size.
Step 6 Place them in a sterilized jar and cover with oil.
Step 7 Place in the refrigerator, they’ll keep for at least 4 months.
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