Orange Marmalade

Easy recipe of homemade orange marmalade. It is ideal for spreading over a toast or a slice of fresh homemade bread.For this particular recipe we chose our favorite sourdough bread. Skip to the recipe.

Eating bread is something we utterly enjoy as a family and even though homemade bread is delicious by itself, I love spreading something on top of it. So now, considering that oranges are in season, I decided to make homemade marmalade.

The result is really good, you can really taste the oranges not like those marmalades bought in a supermarket. I added orange peel to half of the recipe. Personally, I Like it better with the orange peel but it is a matter of taste. If you want to do as I did, when the marmalade has reduced to half it size, you can pass half of it to another pot and add the orange peels.

Have you ever made marmalade? If you try both, let me know which was your favorite!

Orange Marmalade

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serves: 3 lb of marmalade
prep.: 30 min30′
rest: 4 hours4h
cook: 1 hour 30 min1h 30′


  • 2.2 lb of oranges chopped in 1cm chunks
  • 1.1 lb of sugar
  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • orange peel from two oranges finely cut in stripes
Orange Marmalade on two bread loafs


Step 1 Cut the oranges in half and then into quarters . Remove the peel and cut the sections in half-an-inch chunks. You might save the juice that falls when cutting to add to the cup of orange juice needed.
Step 2 Mix the orange cubes with the sugar and let the mixture rest at least 4 hours, so the oranges can release its juice.
Step 3 After the 4 hours have past, add the orange juice.
Step 4 Cook on high heat until it boils, then continue cooking on low heat. Continue stirring to keep it from sticking on the base.
Step 5 If orange peels are going to be added: Remove the white part with a knife and cut the peels in fine stripes and no more than one inch long.
Step 6 Once the marmalade reduced its volume to half add the peels and continue stirring until it reduces it volumes once again to half of it.
Step 7 Pour on sterilized jars. Once cold keep on the refrigerator.


  • It lasts 6 months in the kitchen cabinets or 7 to 8 months in the refrigerator

  • If you want to keep it for a longer period of time you can double the amount of sugar
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