Frequently Asked Questions

Are there going to be gluten-free recipes?

At first there is going to be a mixture of gluten-free and gluten containing recipes, because to eat gluten-free has proven more difficult than expected.

Why you don’t eat soy?

Just as most vegan reject palm oil because of its environmental impact, so I reject soy. Soy erodes the soil and causes exhaustion of nutrients therefore it renders the soil unusable.

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Why you don’t eat rice?

Well, rice has naturally high levels of arsenic and even though you can soak the rice and remove some of it, it is still a risk I’m not willing to take specially since rice is not rich in nutrients. I rather have quinoa or amaranth. For this same reason I do not use rice flour.

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Why are your recipes with oats not categorize under “gluten-free”?

Tricky one! I know that most people consider oats to be safe to eat for people with celiac disease. Nevertheless it is forbidden to say so in Argentina and in New Zealand. As a matter of fact it should be so everywhere since oats contain gluten.