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I’m Maria and I welcome you to Sigrilina, my blog about plant-based food and ideas to reduce the amount of waste, zero waste.

A little of back-story. In February 2017 I decided to go completely vegan, I had been eating vegan at home but not at social events. The decision was easy but it was hard to find recipes that could work here, in Argentina. Many of the recipes called for ingredients such as “vegan butter”, “vegan cheese” or “nutritional yeast” none available in my country or extremely expensive.

This made me do most things from scratch, that is way in my recipes you will find the instructions to make almost everything that you need. That’s also the origin of the logo, the idea is to find recipes within recipes! Read the FAQ to find out more about my food choices.

As I was informing me about veganism, I discover the “zero waste” movement. In the blog I’m going to post some ideas, tips and upcycles to try to diminish waste production. It is really hard, and I’m not even close to make it, but I hope you find some ideas useful and to inspire you to make some positive impacts in the environment.

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